From the hills of eastern Kentucky, Beattyville-native and singer-songwriter, Derek Spencer found a passion for songs, like so many other Appalachian youths, in church - at his mother's side singing from the Sunday hymnal. Embodying the purest form of folk tradition, Spencer is ultimately a storyteller. His songs and stories are filled with the characters and conflicts so familiar to Appalachian culture such as faith, doubt, damnation and redemption - but never without the one element that makes art universal - humanity. 

β€œHe isn't content with a single heart on his sleeve. There's a dozen or more, and his songs are barely concealed anger, or hurt, or at their brightest, love. Forget the instrumentation, or the verbiage - this is defiant music.”

- Justin Wells


Spencer currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, where he is writing and recording new material.